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Super-Jumbo Present Mic Hard Enamel Pin!

Limited Edition Super-Jumbo Hard Enamel Pin!

Hizashi Yamada (aka Present Mic), Gold Plated with 4 Backing Posts and Yellow Rubber Clutches! Screen printed shadowing in his hair!

Super Jumbo in size, 5" (Or 12.5 cm)

Pin Grading System:

♡ Collector Quality: These Pins are near perfect, 95% or better, no major defects or issues.

♡ Standard Quality: These Pins may have slight blemishes or scuffs in the enamel, however they are the pin as designed otherwise.

♡ B-Grade Quality: Not the nicest pins, something will have an issue. Possible issues may be color defect, loose backing posts, significant dent or scratches, ect.

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